Half Time Show Is Turning Green



In the aftermath of Katy Perry giving a massive performance at the Super Bowl XLIX, the half time show of the big game is becoming an institution in its own right. Each year, people all over the world wait with great anticipation for the big reveal of the half time performer.

With musical greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder having played in the past and more recently the Super Bowl has played host to the likes of Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and how could we forget the infamous Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake performance, and even our own U2, I have decided to create my own super Super Bowl half time list.

Ireland and the U.S have had a long running friendship and I think it’s time we bring Paddy to the Super Bowl.

5. Enya


Wouldn’t it be grand to hear the wistful tones of our childhood dance across the Atlantic to our Star Spangled friends. Hopefully she’d throw in a version of Sail Away for old times sake and we could all pretend to sing along like we have notion what she’s saying! Now if only we could find her…


4. The Dubliners

The Dubliners.jpg

Truly and quintessentially Irish, The Dubliners would bring down any Dome in the U. S of A. Not to mention they’d startle a few of us if they actually did appear. Nonetheless any tune from these guys, from The Rocky Road to Dublin to The Aul Triangle, would bring a tear to any Irish- Americans eye.


3. Sinead O Connor
Sinead O Connor.jpg

This lady never fails to give us a show. Whether it’s a casual appearance on the Late Late or bringing down the house (or tent!) at a festival, Ms. O Connor’s haunting vocals would either crack the hardest of football fans, or either take them down by surprise! Either way, Sinead will entertain!

2. Hozier


Ireland’s answer to Ed Sheeran and every bit the legendary musical messiah. Mr Andrew Hozier Byrne has already wowed crowds in the States at this years Victoria’s Secret show and is set to play the Grammy awards as well as being up for nomination, so there’s no reason he wouldn’t howl up a stormer of a half time show. Sure doesn’t he deserve every bit of it, and he only from down the road in Wicklow- surely someone out there can get me his number?!


1. Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy.jpg

Oh the sweet realms of aural pleasure if we managed to get these lads together (no more than the Dubliners- we’d want a miracle worker), but the way I see it if Tupac can play Coachella, there’s no reason why the day won’t come when Phil and The Boys Are Back in Town (bad, AWFUL pun, my apologies).  I can see it now, hundreds of thousands of fans going apesh*t to Dancin’ In The Moonlight, green, white and gold illuminating the stadium, the Irish taking over the world- sure aren’t we only havin’ the craic!!!


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